Newby Newtons & Curious Curies (2s)

Our two year old program is divided into two classes to ensure individualized attention to each child.  The younger class is the Newby Newtons and the older two-year-old class is the Curious Curies.  It’s no accident that the classes are named after scientists: this is when we actively introduce science and exploration to the children.

Both teachers in this class have completed their Bachelor of Arts and are gifted and experienced caretakers.

Two-year-olds respond well to our calm, loving and nurturing environment.   Since many children transition from the infant center to this class, they are familiar with the teachers and the daily routine.  Children who join us for the first time are given extra attention until they are settled and bonded to their teacher.

We encourage  independence, healthy habits, creativity and exploration. We potty train them, teach them good hygiene habits, good manners and lots of games, songs, physical activities and art along with academics appropriate for this age.  We encourage them to speak and to use their words regularly.  These students are also introduced to the performing arts by participating in our three annual performances.

The two-year-olds also enjoy visits from outside activity-providers who can expand on our in-class lessons.  Critter Squad, Mad Science, Scientifically Science, Kidz Dental and local community leaders bring a new dimension to in-class learning.

For an additional fee, basketball, soccer, karate, cooking, ballet and hip-hop dance lessons are available for this age child.

As a by-product of our calm, yet busy and active environment, many students master the names of colors, the days of the week, the words to quite a few songs, many letters and their phonetic sounds, can count to ten and above, practice good manners, and can discuss the events of the day. By three years of age, they are more than ready for the next class, The Little Darwins.