Little Darwins (3s)

Little Darwins are three-year-olds. Generally the children who enter this class are already potty-trained and are proficient at hand-washing and feeding themselves.

Through songs, games, puzzles and hands-on activities, these children are introduced to academics, science, computers, good manners and self-sufficiency. Teacher activities are supported by periodic visits from outside educators such as Critter Squad, Mad Science, Scientifically Science, the fire department and Kidz Dental.

Whenever possible, the class is split in half. One teacher engages the children in interest-centered learning or science while the other teacher engages the students in fine-motor skill development, art and logic games.

Upon enrollment, children in the Little Darwin class are assessed and are periodically reassessed throughout the year. Parents will see their child learn the names of the letters along with each letter’s phonetic sound and its sign language symbol. They learn to spell and recognize their name and their classmates. They learn number recognition and counting, words and their position (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.), days of the week and months of the year. They learn beginning sign language and Spanish and practice fine-motor skills such as lacing, cutting, working with beads and writing.

For an additional fee, Darwins are invited to join extracurricular classes in cooking, ballet, hip-hop, soccer, basketball and karate. They also participate in three theatrical performances in front of the parent body.

As in all of the Devonshire Preschool classes, parents can expect to receive the weekly lesson ahead of time and photographs weekly via text. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled upon request, but they are always welcome to drop in and observe the class or eat lunch with their child.

When a child transitions to the Einstein class from the Little Darwin class, we ensure that he will enjoy our challenging program.