Einsteins (K1 & K2)

The goal of the Einstein instructors is to ensure that every child develops a love of learning that lasts a lifetime, an appreciation for mastering a subject and the ability to start Kindergarten or First Grade exceeding the state standards.

How we achieve that goal is different for every child since not every child learns in the same manner or at the same rate.

Upon entry, children are assessed by one of our competent, friendly teachers and reassessed periodically afterward to measure progress and to individualize each student’s program. Parents may see the assessments at any time.  Similarly, all the work that your child completes is sent home so parents can see the progress that is being made.

Some students respond well to learning through songs, poems, hands-on activities, art and games.  We use these methods to teach the five senses, the continents, the names of the common bones in the body, computer skills, and math concepts.

Outside companies such as Mad Science, Critter Squad, Kidz Dental, Scientifically Science, and Bubblemania are hired to help expand on class lessons of science and social concepts, .

Fine-motor skill exercises are done for short periods of time in small groups.   Reading readiness drills and reading are done one-on-one through.  Again, our focus is mastery

Although academic advancement is our primary goal, the children enjoy performing for parents four times annually, our cultural parties and celebrations, weekly library visits, and our afternoon science experiments or art.