Ten Ways To Get Your Child to Leave School

As you probably already know, transitions can be tricky with preschool children. Normally concern is given to drop-off time however, some parents have voiced frustration about getting their child to leave school. In addition to these ten tips, there are some online articles as well. These methods can be used to leave the park, or grandma’s house, or anywhere else.

1. Put a favorite toy in the car that he/she can only play with if they get in the car when you ask.
2. Play games. Going to the car is much more fun if you and/or your child are hopping, taking giant steps, taking baby steps, taking slow steps, walking backwards, roaring like a T-Rex, or marching and waving as if you are in a parade.
3. Teamwork: leave with the parents of your child’s friends. That way you’ll go out together.
4. Blame the clock. The clock says 6:00 (or 5:30 or 4:00.) Our time to go is now and the clock says so.
5. Stickers. Your child earns a sticker on his sticker board if he gets in the car when you say. (This is most effective if you set up the game ahead of time so they are excited about it. Usually when the whole sticker board is full, the child has earned a prize or outing.)
6. If you are the parent of more than one child, make the oldest in charge of the youngest. Kids love to be a helper.
7. Have a teacher help you to your car. Usually I can spare a teacher for a minute to help you to your car – especially during the last minutes before closing.
8. Make pick-up fast. “Today we aren’t playing because last time you didn’t get in the car when I asked. Tomorrow you can stay and play if you get in the car now.”
9. Join in the play with your child. That way you both will have to stop playing when it’s time to go to the car.
10. You can also give time warnings. We have to leave in 5…..4…..3….2….1 minute. Okay, we are leaving. I expect you to come now since I gave you time to play.

Please remember that there is no one right way. If, after you try these ten tips, you’d like some additional help, please don’t hesitate to ask me. It’s my pleasure to help.

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