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  • 19
    Jun 2014
    Another Academic Success

    An outstanding private school has just accepted another one of our kindergarten students. According to Mom and Dad, the admissions department was especially impressed by David’s ability to multiply and divide his numbers as well as read. We are proud of this new success and wish him well in his future education.

  • 24
    Mar 2015
    Brain Booster – March

    Brain Boosters came to visit us on Tuesday, March 17th which was also St. Patrick’s Day.  They taught our littles about color combinations by creating their own tie-dye paper towels.  They also learned about polymers by making eewy, gooey slime!  It’s not often I get to hear three and four year olds using vocabulary like “polymer”.  You’ve […]

  • 23
    Mar 2015
    Spring Drive

    Spring Drive March 23rd – March 27th It’s time to drive away winter and welcome in Spring!  Help us celebrate the changing of the seasons by bringing in plants, gloves and trowels to help coax our garden to grow, Grow, GROW!

  • 03
    Mar 2015

    Three more Little Einsteins have mastered writing the alphabet from memory in both upper and lower-case letters. Congratulations Alaina, Jayron and Madison. The students received a certificate of achievement and a prize from the treasure box.


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Thank you for your interest in Devonshire Preschool and Infant Center.

We are aware of how many parents are dissatisfied with the existing childcare options.  For this reason, the teachers and staff of Devonshire Preschool and Infant Center are dedicated to creating a place where children receive quality care in an environment that is safe, clean and nurturing, with endless opportunities for learning;….a place that not only fosters a child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development, but that takes it a step further by teaching the basics of discipline, respect and manners as well.

Devonshire Preschool and Infant Center is responsive to the needs of parents and understands the stress of today’s lifestyle and responds by opening early, staying open late and scheduling parent meetings as needed.

We are committed to providing the best possible care for your child while also being sensitive to your needs as parents.  This is a unique and innovative approach to childcare.  Our philosophy is a “Back to Basics” approach where we provide a safe, clean and stimulating environment for children to play, learn and grow in, while teaching children self-esteem, respect and responsibility.  Here they have opportunities they would not encounter in a home setting that will spark their interest, stimulate their curiosity, and invite interaction.  Furthermore, our facility allows us to provide parents with a place where all the needs of their child can be met under one roof including Infant Care, Preschool, and extracurricular classes.  Teachers identify learning styles and formulate a program tailored to maximize learning opportunities for each student individually.

All programs are fully licensed and meet or exceed state required staff ratios so we provide the highest level of quality care and supervision.  Our teachers are experienced and highly trained in childhood education, first aid and CPR.  Every staff member is cleared prior to hiring through the Department of Justice background clearance system and the National Child Abuse Index.


Miss Lorell